All members are kindly invited to attend the 40th Annual General Meeting on:

                                              Date:      Sunday 28th April 2019

                                             Time:      6.15pm

                                             Venue:    Batley Old People Centre,


1. Tilawat-e-Qur’an replicas relojes

2. Welcome and address by the Chair

3. Approval of Minutes of last AGM

4. Matters arising replicas relogios

5. Approval of accounts

6. Posthumous award presentation

7. Constitution amendments- please see Appendix

8. Any other business imitasyon saat

9. Elections

10. Thanks and Dua

            Please email the Secretary for a copy of the

            AGM report and the Constitution   

                   ( via…  )



Constitution changes:-

The word President will be replaced by Chairperson throughout the Constitution.

Page 3 – Aims and Objectives – 4.1 should read ‘The aims of this association are to promote activities in connection with Educational, Financial, Social, Religious and Cultural and Welfare progress of Aliporeans.’

Page 4 – Rules and Regulations – 1 changed so financial year from 1st January to 31st December. relojes de imitacion
2(a) Remove words ‘Sunni Muslim’
‘All Aliporean who are 18 years of age or over and settled in the UK are eligible for lifetime membership of the Association.’

Page 5 –2(b) ‘The Lifetime Membership will be decided ……..’
3(c) – A person elected to the post of Chairperson shall not serve more than three consecutive years but shall be eligible for re-election as Chairperson after a period of at least one year for resignation of the post.’

Page 9–7(6) – increase limit from 10,000 to 20,000

Page 12 – 9(1) omit reference to January/ February.

Page 14 – need to increase 51% to 75%.
‘The Association may be dissolved with the approval of 75% of its members at General Meeting in which there is an attendance at least 75% of its members present. Notice of at least 28 days must be given to all members to dissolve the Association.’

Proposal/ Recommendation for the floor:

The committee proposes that all existing members will be granted life membership. Any new members wanting to join the association must fulfill the membership criteria and pay the due joining fee as determined at the AGM. The committee proposes the membership be set for £5.00.




Welcome to Alipore Muslim Association UK

Alipore Muslim Association (AMA UK) are very proud to launch this Website. In 1970ALIPORE n the organisation was set up, there was no social media: nobody had heard of Facebook, Twitter, and the rest. Now here we are – just goes to show how important it is to keep changing and adapting to the forever evolving world around us. It is in response to this challenge and to embrace new and upcoming communications technology, this website has been launched.

Designed with a fresh innovative appearance this website has a plethora of features to assist our community in product selection, in a user-friendly format with latest information and details of charity appeals.

This new site enables AMA UK to lead the way in how we communicate with our members, through regular updates using innovative technology.

Please feel free to browse this site, we’re confident you will enjoy it and find a wealth of information at your fingertips.