Family Social Gathering 

Alipore Muslim association UK (AMA) had their family social gathering on Saturday 19th March 2016. The event was held at al-Hikmah Centre in Batley and was very well attended. Members attended far and wide from Leicester, London, Bradford and from our local residence from Batley and Dewsbury.


Dr Imtiyaz A Patel, Masters of ceremony at the event, said “it was a great event, highly enjoyed by all and was a great opportunity for all to socialise with each other.”


The  event was chaired by Dr Imtiyaz A Patel who also highlighted the following programme. The event started by a Quran recitation by Hafez Faruk E Patel. Mr Gulam E Loonat, chair of AMA UK, formally welcomed all members and this was followed by the launch of the first Alipore song cd in association with AMA UK and Ahmed Lunat OBE. Haji Fakir Daji unveiled the cd to the members and Ismail M Daji congratulated Ahmed Lunat OBE and AMA UK. Next followed was a key note lecture by Ahmed Lunat OBE, who highlighted the history of Alipore and the contribution of its members. Vote of thanks was given by our General Secretary of AMA UK, Dr Ismail Y Patel. This was followed by a Duaa by Mufti Nouman F Daji.

Members were then treated to a mouthwatering, five course dinner. The last third of the programme was highly enjoyed with audience participation and contributions were made by all including Dr Ashraf Laher, Gulam E Loonat, Ismail M Daji, Ismail M Basser, Ebrahim G Karolia, Dr Imtiyaz A Patel, Dr Ismail Y Patel, Amin I Patel, Abdul Rehman E Patel, Aziz Daji, Ebrahim Lager, Hafez Faruk Patel, Irfan Daji and Salim Karolia.


Ismail Y Patel, after the event commented that “Alhamdullilah the social event was successful, food was excellent and plentiful. It was well attended and all members were happy.  The message received from floor included good praises and are looking forward to future events.  Well done to all who worked hard for this event, it was greatly appreciated.  I also want to give special thanks to the sub committee who worked tirelessly in making this event possible. Jazakallah for all your efforts, pray Almighty reward you all”. Ameen


Welcome to Alipore Muslim Association UK

Alipore Muslim Association (AMA UK) are very proud to launch this Website. In 1970ALIPORE n the organisation was set up, there was no social media: nobody had heard of Facebook, Twitter, and the rest. Now here we are – just goes to show how important it is to keep changing and adapting to the forever evolving world around us. It is in response to this challenge and to embrace new and upcoming communications technology, this website has been launched.

Designed with a fresh innovative appearance this website has a plethora of features to assist our community in product selection, in a user-friendly format with latest information and details of charity appeals.

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